Royal Oak Prawn Cocktail 6.95
Traditional prawn cocktail with a twist
Royal Oak Fish & Chips 9.50

Sustainable fish n Beer Batter and Hand cut chips fresh tartare sauce pea puree


Soup of the day & crusty bread 5.25
Fresh made soup with crusty bread

Deep fried Halloumi with capers & Lime vinaigrette 5.25

Deep fried cheese with a luscious vinaigrette dressing
Warm mackerel salad with feta 7.25
Feta cheese with smoked mackerel fillets on a bed of leaves
Smoked Salmon & poached egg salad 5.95
Smoked salmon on a bed of leaves with a poached egg


Rump Steak & pepper sauce 13.25
Grilled steak with peppercorn sauce with purple broccoli green beans

Royal Oak Burger 9.95

Fresh beef mince brioche Bun salad chips and House Slaw
Royal Oak Scotch egg 7.95

Homemade Scotch egg served with garlic mayonnaise and tomato sauce
Curried Lamb Chop with Saag Aloo potatoes with 11.95

With curried potatoes & spinach
Vegetarian Quiche 7.25

Roasted vegetables in a pastry case served with house salad Deep fried Aubergines

Liver & Bacon, Sausage Grill 10.95
Rich liver, crispy pancetta & succulent fresh sausages in onion gravy
Sauté Guinea Fowl & mushroom fries 11.95
Breast of guinea fowl with fried mushroom and tomato concasse


Greens 2.00
Creamed Mash 2.50
Hand Cut Chips 3.75
House Slaw 2.75

Fresh selection, desserts, continental cheese board with a selection of fresh coffee. tea.
Raspberry panna cotta, crème brulee, sticky toffee pudding, Ice Cream priced individually